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Human Resources and Governmental Affairs Consulting

services-no-more-mondays-human-resources Human Resources Consulting

  • Promote consistency and fair treatment of employees by providing guidance and coaching concerning Human Resources matters.
    Provides coaching and guidance on companywide and federal and state HR programs and initiatives.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures that increase organizational performance to achieve business results.
    Our organization is prepared to help you develop and implement policies and procedures aligned with your mission statement to increase organizational performance and surpass your planned business results.
  • Maximize efficiency and effectiveness by recommending solutions regarding organizational structure and work processes.
    Our organizational structure guidelines will establish and promote effective working relationships among team members and establish clear communication channels.
services-no-more-mondays-training-personnel Hiring and Training

  • Add the Human Power necessary for growth and future development by recruiting the most suitable candidates.
    The proper selection of your personnel will play a vital part in obtaining the organization’s goals. In today’s competitive environment, companies must invest in Human Capital. We diligently partner with Senior Management to attract, hire, develop and retain qualified key talents into the positions most needed, and then harness a path where these talents can embrace organizational culture, employee engagement and leadership development. Our direct link to Senior Management will provide invaluable insight to anticipate and plan for workforce trends such as shifting demographics, global supply chain, global mobility, and key factors in sustaining exceptional business results.
  • Advance your Human Capital competencies’ through the development and implementation of continuous vertical training programs.
    In general, it is far less costly to promote employees from within vs. hiring outside candidates. With an organization’s carefully-honed talent-development strategy, nine out of 10 positions can be filled internally. We work to support your organizations’ leadership development and succession planning in areas that are of substantial business value. As you build your company and add new roles to handle additional tasks and projects, the advantages of succession planning by promotion from within will become self-evident.
Governmental Affairs

  • In the area of Governmental affairs, we will enhance your business development opportunities by helping you understand and navigate the regulations that affect your industry.     
    • IDENTIFY possible financial threats and opportunities that exist currently in the public policy world.
    • Interpretation of what lobbyists and public figures say.
    • FINANCIAL VALUE of variable outcomes which could arise from public policy debates and issues.
  • Serve as a liaison by cultivating intergovernmental, business and citizen relations.
Internal Audits

  • Assist organizations remain compliant with State and Federal Laws by conducting periodical internal audits.
    An effective compliance plan is a living document which evolves with new business requirements or due to new government regulations. We help you keep up-to-date and compliant by means of a “Gap Analysis” of your organization’s policies & procedures to ensure statutory and regulatory compliance.